Whay Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our philosopphy :

1 . Local agent – without an intermadiate

We are native travel experts in our nation, so we provide the most suitable itinerary directly and the best price,not through intermediate.We love our country,thus aim to present our culture, cuisine,history and outstanding beauties to the world, to all our customers at the best price for comfortable traveling.

2. 24/7 availability

Our website and email box is online 24/7 to receive your requests at any time of your trip, anywere in indonesia. Our hotline ( +62 81 339 410 239 )is also available  24/7 to answer all of your questions, and give you the suitable advice for your planned vacation. So never hesitate to tell us when and  where you want to go; we will help to make the most suitable plan for your group paying attention to your budget and special requirements.

3. Quick reply

Our staff  is always willing to reply your requests. No matter what you require for your trip,we will give the best advice as soon as possible. We want our customers to know that they are taken care of from the time they contact us.

4. Flexible & professional staff

With our profound knowledge or traveling,we will be your advisor,the one who takes care of you from the you plan  for your trip until the time you come back to your home safe after your happy traveling.
Event when group includes children,elderly or someone who does not eat seafood,we will work to meet your needs.Furthermore,we have been working closely and a long relationship with many hotels,restourants,boats,airlines,etc. So we can offer the best price: cheaper than other agencies,and our customers have additional priorities such as early check – in, late check – out, upgrades for better room free of surcharge. We always work for our customers convenience.